{ ABOUT } delipsch

Well hello there! Thank you for stopping by to check out, delipsch. My name is Chelsea, more commonly known as a lover of anything food and fitness. Born & raised in Iowa, but call Florida home.

My lifestyle is structured on organized chaos with a dash of simplicity. I live life off the following philosophy: Health, Fitness and whatever makes you Happy.



Quite simply, it is a lifestyle. I base my health on realtime nutrition, being active and embracing the environment around me. Food is wonderful. You say food, I smile.


It is what you make it to be. Whether you are rocking out a killer workout in the gym, taking a hike through the mountains or doing a set of push-ups in a hotel room; fitness is an anywhere anytime behavior.


Overtime, I am learning the value of happiness. Life is full of ups and downs that challenge us to find what brings us (true) happiness. My happiness embodies a cycle of family, food, laughter and experiences to cherish (AND Kona, my dog, but he makes everyone happy).


So what is delipsch (de-lip-sch)? It all started in the kitchen a few years ago, where most of my stories start…imagine that. My mom, sister and I found ourselves exaggerating almost any word with an “psch,” “umpch” or “y” at the end. No idea why, we just did. Food, people, animals-anything was fair game. Moral of the story: mix one part slang, one part passion for food (with the occasional glass of wine) and wah-lah you get “delipsch” aka my way of saying “something” is delicious. The beauty of the word is that anything can be delipsch; just make it your own.

The goal in creating delipsch is to share my philosophy and passions as well as connect with like-minded individuals, like you, to continue learning and living life to the fullest. Sounds like pleasantville, right?

I am ready and eager to take in the wonderful world of blogging to share with you what my life is all about. I would love to connect and hear from you.

You can reach me at chelsea@delipsch.com.

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If anything, cheers and hope you have a delipsch day!