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E V E R Y D A Y [still] matters.

I am re-posting this because this is important.
everday quote

Stay accountable to you & your goals, what follows is your earned results.

I have written a few post (here here and here) about the importance of every day decisions and have come to one conclusion>>>each decision carries responsibility & purpose. Too often, we forget about the negative impacts of those decisions TILL they become a problem. This my friends is where you know damage has already been done…WHEN YOU HAVE TO FACE THE  PROBLEM! So instead of staying complacent with what is going on, change the negative, take advantage of the positive and hold pride in the responsibility you have in decisions each day.

Think Obesity, Stress, Relationships, Health, Injury, Opportunity.
Each decision matters!

Challenge you.
Embrace you.
Fuel you.
Be your BEST you.
Cheers to Tuesday.

{ Get Down With Your Bad Self }

A few words as you head towards the weekend.

get down with your bad self quoteBe you. Embrace your decision making process. Get down with your bad self each day. Purpose your process. Nothing more, nothing less.

Ive read that the average person makes 25,000 decision each day. Now that could be more or less, but dang that’s a lot of decisions to be made regardless. Take advantage of your decisions made each day. Each day gives you opportunity. You get to choose what to do with it.

As cliche as it sounds, your day is as:
GOOD or BAD as you want it to be
PRODUCTIVE or IDLE as you want it to be
HAPPY or SAD as you want it to be
ADVENTUROUS or CAUTIOUS as you want it to be
ENJOYABLE or BORING as you want it to be
APPRECIATIVE or UNGRATEFUL as you want it to be

A wise man reminds me each day to make the most of your opportunities. Whether it be a simple task to complete or a laundry list of things to accomplish, make the most of it. Whatever “IT” is or could be, do so with purpose. Sometimes that purpose does not make sense or is unclear at the time, stand by your decision process and move forward with your head held high and always learn something (positive or negative) from each decision you make.

The power behind it all…you get to choose. Below is a little glimpse of my thoughts, decisions, & opportunities. Cheers!

Don’t forget to get down with your bad self in each decision you make. Enjoy your delipsch day.


Ready. Set. Delipsch.

What better ways to recap on delipsch than with pictures (who really cares about all the other mumbo jumbo anyway). You should see my phone lately…the pictures are mostly of Kona (surprise surprise) who might I add is (I think) is loving life living closer to downtown Key West. He is always smiling and wagging that tail…no excuse not to though 😉 There is also an ample amount of food pictures (again, surprise surprise) of things I have created, restaurants we are visiting, resaurants/dishes we plan to try out, and all sorts of recipes because I have a problem deleting any type of picture of my phone. I think I am up to 2,400 photos…some call it hoarding, I beg to differ 🙂

Luckily (I think) for you, I will continue to share these photos of our adventures in Key West. That way you can grasp a bit of paradise wherever your homebase is 🙂


Blogging…my absence has definitely been present…I will be honest, I might have been slacking on delipsch…sorry, not sorry…but slacking only leads to motivation and motivation and myself can be a dangerous combo. So kick back and watch this process begin. 

For those of you who read and follow delipsch, thank you. My goal is to always share my passions of health, fitness and those little things that bring a smile to my face. Delipsch was created for just that, nothing more. So thanks for following along…SPEAK UP too…if there is ever anything you would like me to address or highlight on, I am game to live and learn. Keep the good vibes flowing…the more the merrier. 

So…moving forward…

Consistency and dedication to Delipsch.  { Plain and Simple } Cheers my friends. Don’t forget to enjoy your Delipsch Day and take advantage of life, it’s time.