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Triathlons have come to be a very personal experience surrounded by a supportive community of like-minded people. With this being my first Olympic distance and specific training schedule/regimen – I have been able to experience a bit of the tri community and appreciated the process (immensely). It all had to start somewhere … to refresh your memory …


TRI Training [update]

TRI TRAINING { update }

Now that we are all up to speed, let’s reflect on FRIDAY (the day before race day).

AM: slept in (up by 7AM) breakfast ( water, Chocolate Dipped Protein Milkshake, homemade bucci ) stayed busy prepping before Liz (Ian’s mom) arrived.
AFTERNOON: Packet pick up (numbers for bike, helmet & timing chip I wear on my ankle with the rest of the race goodies). This was followed by a car ride with Taz, Laura & Colleen of the race course…checking for any obstacles or areas of caution (THIS IS ONE THING I HAVE LEARNED IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT REGARDLESS IF THE RACE IS YOUR HOMELAND OR NEW TERRAIN) … safety first! Did a few errands and headed home to wait for Liz to arrive – Lunch (Vegetable and mixed grain stir fry) followed up more race prep and relaxing.
PM: Dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Key West (The Cafe)
-Water (with a few delipsch sips of the homemade Sangria Liz ordered)
-Blackened Mahi Mahi with a pineapple salsa, brown rice and roasted asparagus…and I devoured every bite 🙂
**Liz ordered this pumpkin ravioli that was divine (caramelized onions, apples and this delicate cream sauce), Ian ordered a smoked salmon pizza (more of a flat bread) because I requested he did and you always say yes in this case 😉 It was great – a generous portion of smoked salmon, fresh dill, lemon caper vinaigrette, fresh tomatoes and motz … (you can wipe up your drool now).

Got home and rechecked to make sure everything I needed for the race was ready to go. For this race, my CHECKLIST included:
SWIM — tri shorts & top, sports bra, watch and heart rate monitor, googles, spray, cap, wetsuit, glide/lube (aquaphor), timing chip and some nutrition.
T1 — towel & water
BIKE — Bike (with numbers attached) and air pressure in tires, gels, water bottles X2, helmet (with number), bike shoes, socks, sunglasses and lights (incase of bad weather).
T2 — towel & water
RUN — shoes, socks, race belt (with numbers attached), gel, sunglasses.
MISC — tri mat (to place everything on), extra light (Liz bought me this perfect battery operated light-you never know how much light you’ll have to set up your Transition area…great idea!), Flip Flops, dry clothes, extra water and nutrition, small med kit and 2 garbage bags (1. to put all of my wet stuff in and 2. to cover by tri area in case it rained), phone and headphones to jam a bit 😉
***Everything fit (perfectly snug) into the Tri bag I was using.

…is actually here…out of bed by 4AM (shower and breakfast) I have completed only a handful of TRI races but I stick with the same breakfast each time:

suja greens

-Upon awakening: WATER, 1 Suja Mighty Greens, 1 cup of Matcha (a form of green tea).

-2 larger slices of toasted whole grain bread (preferably fresh from a bakery)

In Key West COLE’S PEACE is where it’s at!

Coles Peace
-Enough nut butter of choice to slather on both pieces. I tend to have a heavy hand.
-1 med-large Banana (sliced on top)

-I will prep a Spark to sip on till it’s GO TIME!

Transitions open at 5AM. I left the house at 5:15. I am lucky enough to live within a mile from transitions and race start. Arrived and got numbered up, set up my transition area, stretched, took a light jog and chit chatted/ wishing those around me a good race. Transitions closed at 6:45 … my wave started at 7:05 (1st wave).

TRI6Taz (left) has been a mentor and coach for the past few months – an incredible human being to say the least. Laura (center) is a swimming god – taught me a few valuable tips when it comes to my stroke and approach … THANK YOU ladies for all your help and knowledge.


Nini (Ian’s gma) sent me a very special addition to my race day transition area. A lucky horse shoe with guardian wings – truly special and exponentially appreciated … thank you Nini <3

Vibes were flowin’ all around     { excitement, inspiration, anxiousness }

As I awaited to enter the water, I was able to see the fam for a round of hugs and luck . . . 5 minutes later they called out the first wave to enter the water.


SWIM: 1.5 km Ocean
went well. course felt long and I felt like I got a bit “off course” when spotting the buoys. Got kicked a few times, googles leaked a bit on the left side, but mentally and physically I felt good though.
*** No I did not see any sharks (but yes they are on my mind). I am most concerned about Jelly Fish – no thank you!

T1: went smooth. once I exited the water you can utilize the “strippers” that strip the wet suit off of you – first time using them and loved it. Took a few seconds and I was on my way to the bike. (***the more lube the better). socks/shoes, helmet, sunglasses, bike GO.

BIKE: 40 km bike (up the Keys on US1 > around/inside Boca Chica Naval Air Station).
went much better than expected. This was one of the aspects of the race I was most nervous about – I am new to the biking world and have gathered a small understanding of the time and commitment it takes to compete here. Regardless of the athletes passing me, I felt good and was keeping a good pace. I did lose an accessory mid race (popped off while grabbing a water bottle…opps!) during a “U” turn along the course, 6 fighter jets were taking off right over my head … epic to say the least!
Switched shoes, put on fresh socks and grabbed my running belt/sunglasses…off I went for the last leg.

RUN: 10km along Atlantic Ocean
I stick to a few goals during the run: pass 5 people, don’t give up and finish strong. I got my rhythm after mile 2 – miles 3-4 aimed to gain a bit of ground – miles 4-5 legs started to feel heavy (forgot to grab any gel at my transition so gatorade at every drink stop was enjoyed) – mile 6 to the finish felt great – I finished as strong as I could and was able to cross the finish line with a final time of 02:49:01


It was (naturally) a rewarding feeling to cross that finish line because
1.) I had trained and prepared for this moment for 2 months.
2.) I was excited – my Olympic experience couldn’t have gone better!
3.) My legs were started to feel heavy…potential cramp action :/

After I crossed the finish line, I was greeted with a cold beer and single red rose from my prince charming (the man knows how to make me happy) – along with hugs and support from my family (Mom, Matt & Liz) along with a smorgasbord of athletes and competitors with positive vibes for days.
With the help of an an amazing support system, I placed 3rd in my age group … it twas’ a great feeling …


{ K E Y  W E S T  T R I  C L U B  C R E W }


 To put it simply, my first Olympic experience challenged and rewarded me much more than expected. I appreciate each aspect of the journey – every workout, every bit of knowledge and conversation, every emotion and goal to bring me to the finish line. Till the next race. Cheers and enjoy a delipsch day 😉


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TRI TRAINING { update }

Into the home stretch. LESS than 2 weeks to go. Believe it.
Just to same a few.
11.5                                       ^^^ Cool down bike ride back home ^^^

A few pieces of knowledge for my future trainings:

  • Consume more carbohydrates than you might think (and I do NOT mean the nutritionLESS white starchy carbohydrates) I mean sweet potatoes, fruits, vegetables, grains … THE GOOD STUFF!
  • Continue to learn and listen to other athletes. The amount of information I have been able to absorb over the past months has been extremely valuable and heartfelt. In my experience, the TRI community it filled with athletes who not only want to push the envelope but help others push the envelope too. Failure doesn’t exist here.
  • PREPARE for any workout. TRUTH: I found out the hard way last weekend. MILESTONE: I rode 50 miles. STORY: I did an early 2500 pool workout>fueled up>went for a bike workout with 2 fierce athletes (with only 1 -YES ONLY 1- bottle of water). The body felt good, but definitely needed fuel. New bike rules: BIKEs=2 waters minimum+2 gels+money.
  • Have a PLAN B: If you travel or find yourself in a situation that alters you from your original game plan/workout … don’t freak out … have a stash of back-up options to keep your mind right and training on track. Hotels-great for stretching & band workouts, free pool rain or shine. Trails-get off the beaten path for a great run. City streets-safety first, but explore what your environment has to offer. Cruise ships-nutrition…from the few I have been on, there is an array of health and nutrition to fuel the body with. Stuck at work-stretching & posture heaven. Stop pretending it is not possible.
  • The power of NUTRITION. Similar to the first bullet, nutrition has served as a BFF for me throughout my training. Similar to a scientific experiment-trail and error-until you “kind of” figure it out. FACT: If I am not fueling appropriately, my body will let me know LOUD & CLEAR. I have encouraged wholesome nutrition, mostly vegetarian (about 70%) during my course and have felt great!
  • SAFETY: be safe. nothing it worth dying over. Traffic – the car will always win. Weather – heavy wind and rain are a bad combo while biking. Ocean – jellyfish are not your friends. Just to name a few.

let’s just say my clothes were not these colors when I started my bike 😉

check and recheck that forecast.

It was quite an exhilarating bike though.

The ziplock bag held out…thank god!


While I am JUST STARTING in this Tri world – I have already gained a lot. I believe this sport challenges and demands growth every day – progression. There is definitely a community vibe – get involved. Most importantly – embrace the process – at any level.

Final thoughts:
.. beats waking up to snow …

Cheers friends. Train on. Don’t die.

TRI Training [update]

***FYI this posts contains more content than normal, let’s just say I have a lot to say.
Training for any type of event (me= Olympic Triathlon) is challenging.
Key word “IS.”
>Pushing your body to excel and grow is demanding…challenging.
>Maintaining motivation and drive to consistently work hard each workout…challenging.
>Staying accountable and putting in the time to train…challenging.
There is a clear coorelation here…CHALLENGE.
Therefore, if you’re doing something (me=training for a triathlon) and it does not seem challenging, you are not demanding enough out of yourself/body. When I feel sore muscles, heavy eyes, and an exhausted body…it is the pure result of the challenge placed upon it.
***This does not account for injury or recovery, that demand should be obvious.
(Moral) If you commit to something, embrace your challenge.

TRI2With commitment and challenge come excuses…I fully admit to an excuse or “few”…BUT that does not mean you allow it to control your approach. For example:
I don’t have time?
It’s [ black&white ] If you want something bad enough, you will find the time.
Fitting in time to get a bike, pool & run in takes a bit of planning and self-encouragement. Sometimes I just don’t feel like waking up before 5AM to hit the pool or hop on the bike after a long day to get a ride in. BUT, it’s important & beneficial that I stay the course and stick to my training plan. Progression will never set me back.
I don’t have the tools?
*Well, I still do not own a Tri/Road bike, but I found a way to borrow one and use that to train with until I am ready to commit to investing in one. Ask around, you’ll be surprised how willing others will help or guide you to additional resources.
*I still do not own a training watch BUT that has not stopped me from following my workouts and progressing each week. While the watch is a great tool, it (the watch itself) will not make me into an athlete, I will!
>>>I am leading towards a GARMIN-any suggestions?
*Swimming? There is no admission to use the ocean-FREE is always good. The pool here is $5 drop-ins…a great second option.
*Strength Training? You do not need a gym to strength train! Your bodyweight is a valuable asset and there are plenty of resources around you (parks, local clubs, etc…) to get a solid strength workout in that are FREE. Think pull-ups on the monkey bars, step ups on the bench, you get the picture!
You can see how the above can easily distract oneself from training if they speak with excuses.

So, how’s it going?
Training thus far has been (quite) challenging but (very) rewarding. Some days I feel completely exhausted…I even take naps now when necessary and this girl rarely takes naps!

Week 1 was a solid intro into what I was getting myself into. Getting my feet wet in a structured format of swimming, biking, running. I really didn’t know what the hell was going on, just knew what I needed to accomplish. Having a schedule is key!

Week 2 felt better than week 1 in the sense I had a better grasp of what was going on. I was able to figure out my approach to each workout. Swimming started improving this week and was figuring out the whole biking thing still. Was able to get some coaching in by Laura, who is helping me with my stroke and swim workouts. The end of this week was exhausting…knew something needed to adjust itself.

Week 3 started with training on a newly borrowed bike (thanks Liz) that fit me better. I am finally understanding how important “BIKE FIT” is. The workouts were a bit more intense. Longer rides, longer swims and longer sprints. All-in-all the workouts kicked my ass in a good way. Nutrition and Stretching are starting to really make a difference in my workouts. I am adjusting and tweaking components to fully reap the benefits of my training.
example: band and foam rolling for stretching. actually completing a warm up series. consuming my nutrition at certain times (increasing carbohydrate fat and protein intake). water-water-water=hydration is mandatory.
I am however still absorbing it all in and learning each workout.
** Ian & Liz also surprised me with some (VERY USEFUL) goodies:
-A bad ass shirt from Ian (will post picture in coming post) and new laces that do not require lacing, a new TRI mat, googles, a second Polar water bottle, and some misc goods from Liz.
** Taz supplemented me with bountiful amounts of knowledge and tools to train smart and hard. Always grateful for conversations with Taz!

Week 4 just started. Will follow up 🙂



In other delipsch news…
-The delipsch Garden is still going strong. Just planted a few new seeds that will hopefully sprout. I was able to harvest more peppers, swiss chard, kale, scallions, chives and someone gave me a dragon fruit (as seen in the latest garden update). I also felt and found my first sweet potato. It is still astonishing to me how easy it is to grow my own food.       [ Sunlight-Water-health Soil ]   and wa-laa you have PRODUCE & Herbs

-Kona is still being his crazy-loving-scared-loud-loveable self.

-Fantasy Fest just ended in Key West ( you have NEVER, I repeat NEVER seen a freak show of people until you have experienced Fantasy Fest here). The good, bad, weird, exciting, creative, ugly, interesting and outright crazy human-beings for a week long of madness. If you do not know or are familiar, google it 😉

Otherwise cheers and enjoy your delipsch day. Stay tuned for more posts  of updates, workouts, recipes and more!