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As promised, I said I would blog it up on my Hello Fresh experience (Recipe 1…still have 2 to go). Back track, Hello Fresh? Think fresh food and recipes (Vegetarian and Meet-Eating Friendly) to your doorstep…this will help explain it better…

Originally, I told myself…Chels, just get creative…come up with something on your own and everything will be fine, there is no point it having the food delivered to make the recipe (after all, I am one of the few who actually loves going to the grocery store)…anyone else weird like me?

Then I got to thinking…the price is actually pretty affordable when it comes to what is included. I utilized a newbie discount, so it was kind of hard to talk myself out of it! I still had my doubts though. Why?
*Well Ian and I eat for about 4 people…big appetites! There was no way I was going to get enough food to fill us up…
*I still was not sure about the quality…it just seemed too good to be true.
*CONFESSION TIME…I have a (VERY) hard time following recipes…I like to feel out my food…adjust accordingly and wing it for the most part. So yeah, this would definitely take some discipline.
*Flavor? Was the food actually going to taste good?

So, low and behold my package arrived…it was go time!IMG_0477Inside was everything I needed for 3 delipsch meals:IMG_0518


Recipe 1: Pan-Fried Shrimp Gyozas with Spring Edamema Succotash >>>>>>>>>>>

Recipe 2: Swedish Meatballs over Egg Noodles & Portobellos

Recipe 3: Sage-Butter Pork Chops with Roasted Butternut Squash & Charred Broccolini


When I prepped most of the ingredients (***To make it a speedy process, prep everything before and assembling or cooking)…Dinner was served start to finish in about 1 hour…
***How cute are those soy sauce fishies!
The process was quite simple, I did follow each direction (applaud, applaud)…but still did not think it would satisfy our appetites…sorry, girls gotta eat 😉
Gyoza Prep…Check!
Next Step…Saute up those bad boys and girls…(Get in my belly)IMG_0512While the Gyoza stays warm and crispy in the oven, make the Succotash…which comes together in literally 5ish minutes…and wahhh-laaaaaaaaaa Dinner is served! Don’t forget to serve with the Sesame & Soy Dipping Sauce….delipsch!

IMG_0515VERDICT…AMAZING (seriously though) it does not hurt that I am a superfan of anything Asian/Korean/Chinese…but the flavors here were on point!
“This is amazing Chel…(chewing)…seriously so good!”
I will whole-heartedly agree with Ian…it was amazing (one of those meals you can not wait to recreate soon!

***CONFESSION TIME (AGAIN) Even though I was able to make about 25ish Gyozas (a little goes a long way apparently) and the side of Succotash, I still made a side of stir-fry veg…I was stuck on the fact that it still was not going to be enough food, ha! Turns out, we definitely did not need the extra veg I made. There was plently of food for the 2 of us…but natually we still ate everything 🙂

OVERALL EXPERIENCE: 100% Delipsch with Recipe 1…we still have 2 more to go in the days coming…so stayed tuned for those pictures and blog posts. ANDDDDD I followed the recipe step by step (big step for me people, ha!)
Ready for your turn to try Hello Fresh out and get $40.00 off your first shipment?

USE CODE: JPV5LZ ($40.00 off first shipment)
***Honestly that is like getting Farm Fresh Ingredients to your door for free…too good not to try at least once! Plus you can pause or cancel at any time. 

If you have any questions, please let me know. This was a great Food experience for me so far, beyond pleased with the quality and am waiting to finish up the rest of my order this week to place my next order.

Cheers to health & wellness alongside farm fresh food and recipes from Hello Fresh!

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