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It seemed necessary to take a step back from food and nutrition (for a brief moment) to focus on what others might be experiencing or can relate to.
This is a self dash of reality and inspiration to get an internal ball of motivation moving. Time on my side? Doesn’t exist anymore…
Have no fear, life is still good. Maybe too good. This is where the “problem” starts.


Being comfortable is one thing most of us…I…strive for.
That feeling of having your ducks in a row, finances in line, relationship goals on point, emotions are embraced, physical physique-oh yeah!, career progressions, and the ability to be in control of your life.
Seems pretty damn comfortable to me. Why change?

(insert personal experience)
Since moving to Key West, comfortability has been a silent discourager.
While I live in a place {Key West} where culture, opportunity, and environment give a limitless opportunity to be uncomfortable, it is easy to find comfort in working hard at your job(s) or daily tasks and responsibilities then putting off the additional priorities till “tomorrow.”
Tomorrow is easy. Now is when shit gets done.

(insert example)
After multiple discussions with you know who 😉 it (finally) came time to quit my second job down here at the beach bar. I throughly enjoyed working there…engaging in conversations with tourists and locals alike, looking out to the beautiful water every day and learning a thing or two from established service industry personnel. What it came down to was working SMART vs working HARD. I had been working extremely hard, but not smart. I had extra money in my pocket to cover expenses, but I lacked any enjoyment to spend on this beautiful island and time spent with my family/social life. Looking back on everything, it was “easy” to work here. I felt comfortable (duh, I’m working literally on the beach), enjoyed (how could I not!?!)  and appreciated my time here…but I wasn’t challenged.



So good, right!?!

I continue my rant with Progression.
I am not getting younger, but I am getting smarter.

Stop making excuses about time and age.

(insert personal experience)
I ran a 10K race this past weekend and witnessed a handful of athletes 60+years of age who were absolutely killing it. They seemed to be keeping a pace to set a PR and passing other runners like a boss 😉 Talk about progression and hard work — no excuses!

…which leads me to conclude that the quality of one’s future & decision making process is a timeline of one’s progression.
You attempt. Fail and/or Succeed. Learn. Repeat. { progression }

( insert example)
My garden.
I appreciate and gasp at the sight of fresh produce. I envied the farmers at the local farmers market when I lived in Kalamazoo, MI and throughout the states I found myself driving through. I always imagined having my own garden filled with seasonal produce, but had no idea where to start. Add a few years plus some procrastination and wa-lah the delipsch garden arrived and produces.
When I started my garden I had no idea where to start which meant that progression was the only option. I knew I wanted to learn and I failed several times along the way. (Watermelon needs LOTS of room to grow…you should have seen the vines that took over my garden, brussel sprouts are not the easiest veg to grow in FL…several attempts and still trying, tomatoes are temperamental, corn…I think I supported the nutritional needs of an entire colony of ants…I could go on and on). I didn’t know much to start but I asked a lot of questions and googled for numerous answers. Trail and error on repeat. My point: in order to experience the joy & nutrition of consuming and sharing local produce grown by little ol’ me, I had to START.
  IMG_1098      IMG_1147      IMG_0602


I can’t finish without a dose of Accountability.
Without it, you’re nobody. Believe it.

Whether it be the family pet that depends on someone to feed them every day; whether it be the boss of an established business who is depended upon to write paychecks to their employees; whether it be a running partner one meets weekly for morning runs; whether it be one’s significant other to be there for the good and bad; or even if it be the bum who lives in the park…we are all depended on and held accountable.

(insert personal example)
Food & Nutrition are reflected in my daily conversations and lifestyle I choose to live. I have promised myself and those close to me that I would bring my knowledge and creations into what some refer to as a cookbook. This process has found itself on multiple pieces of paper/binders/sticky tabs/etc. Recipes, ideas, tips, references…the whole shebang BUT what is missing is the accountability. When you tell someone you are going to do something, you are held accountable to your word. My point: I am the one accountable for my cookbook and it is a responsibility that I have committed to.

The process is real….real scary and real exciting.
As it should be.
Stayed tuned my friends.

eat better feel better pic

My point here:
One’s accountability is one’s responsibility.
One’s responsibility is one’s accountability.

Keep your engine fueled with responsive accountability, every bit makes an impact.

Regardless of where you live, remain uncomfortable, progress at each decision and stay accountable…EVERY DAY! The rest will take care of itself.

Cheers and enjoy a delipsch day.








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