July Challenge: A Balancing Act

For those who did not see my blog post yesterday, I introduced a July Challenge I am hosting with two fellow rockstars. You can check it out here or look below for the details.
July Challenge

Rebecca, Jessi  & I are hosting a July Challenge every Thursday throughout the month. This link-up is a chance to join, motivate and share with one another all things health, fitness and lifestyle to be the best version you.  Embrace the journey, one link-up at a time.

July 10: Balance
Balance: What brings balance to your life? A favorite workout? Book? Specific location? A person or animal? Share with us how you bring balance to your life.
July 17: Energy
Energy: What gets you going when the tank is running on empty? Share what kicks your energy levels into high gear.
July 24: Strength
Strength: This week is all about health and fitness. Share your favorite workouts, tips, tricks, and ways to reach your peak strength.
July 31: Total Package
Total Package: With this being the end of the month and the last day of the link-up, share with us how you define being the BEST version of you. Get creative; anything is fair game here!
So today we embrace Balance. My view on balance is not necessarily one particular thing or place, it is a feeling I get when all my ducks are in a row (usually with a jammed packed schedule). Structured choas if you will. That feeling I get when I can be at ten different places, talking to ten different people; yet still get everything done including a little “we” time mixed in there too.
When I say structured chaos, I avoid the word stress (which one might associate with) for a few reasons. Stress is one of those things that can really bring balance to one’s life (like it does to mine). When things get off-balance, stress encourages me to get back on track. It is that feeling of complete honesty that brings everything into perspective. Stress is my positive tool used to motivate and reinforce balance throughout my life.

Naturally there are things and people that embody the balance throughout my life. With no explanations needed, I embrace balance with:
-Health & Fitness




Balance is not perfect. Balance is not defined. Balance is individualized. It is your BEST you. You owe it to yourself to embrace the balance. Find your balance, share it with others and maybe you will change a life along the way.


My BEST me is balanced. How do you embrace balance to be your BEST you? Spill the beans and link up with Jessi, Rebecca and I.


However you balance, make it count. I challenge you find one area in your life that you feel is unbalanced and balance that baby out. Stayed tuned for more of the July Challenge every Thursday, next week: Energy. Tomorrow on delipsch, I am sharing my Suja 3 Day Cleanse…don’t miss out on this one 🙂 Cheers to a balanced life.

6 thoughts on “July Challenge: A Balancing Act

  1. I totally know what you mean about how stress is a catalyst for balance. It’s getting into that “flow” that makes busy/energetic people like us excited! Love it all!

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