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Lottery Winning & Strawberry Picking…the real things that matter :)

Happy Monday!

It is always a great weekend when I get to spend it with family. Last weekend (I know a little late on the post), we were able to surprise my mom with a weekend getaway to Fort Myers to watch some hockey, enjoy good food and drinks and most importantly, have a great time together. I love surprising people, it’s such a thrilling feeling-especially when the plan works!

I made it to Fort Myers Friday around 5:15…just in time to check into the hotel and hide my stuff to surprise my mom. The big surprise plan worked-Mom actually had no idea so we cracked open some beers and said cheers to the start of a great weekend! We freshened up and left for Ian’s game which ended up going into overtime and a shoot out! We ended up with the win, so it ended up being a great night! After the game we all went to Ford’s Garage. It was a fun and unique restaurant that served great food and drinks, even late! Options are always slim after a hockey game-if you ever associate with a hockey schedule, you can relate. My menu choice was a chicken burger with sweet potato fries. Served on a wheat bun with a jumbo onion ring, bacon and the tradition toppings. I washed it down with a Bell’s Oberon (a favorite beer of mine from good ol’ Kalamazoo, Michigan). All in all, delipsch! The best part of this place was the bathrooms, yes the bathrooms. So unique, the details definitely were spot on.

Ford's Garage Chicken Burger

Ford's Garage BathroomIFord's Garage Bathroom

Saturday we did some shopping and ate lunch at Stir Crazy (Stir Fry Restaurant).

Mom and I split a glazed salmon and mango salad alongside a spicy vegetable and chicken stir fry with spring rolls. Matti made her own stir fry and Matt had sesame chicken with crab rangoons. Everything was spectacular, minus the whole chili pepper I ate that basically set my mouth and body on fire. Usually, the spicier the better for me, but this pepper (which I have had multiple times before) decided to kick my ass. Ya live and ya learn…

Stir Crazy Stir Crazy

I forgot to mention, we won the lottery!!!!! By lottery, I mean $110….CHA CHING…all from a $5.00 Scrabble scratch-off game 🙂 I am a motivated scrabble scratch-off player and this purchase for my mom was the gift that kept on giving.  I know, I know not millions , but a hell of a lot more money than we had prior…Ian thinks I have a gambling problem, haha!

Lottery Winner lottery winner

Going to the game, as lottery winners, my first beer definitely tasted much better!

Slater Skater

Sunday morning, we ventured to the U-Pick Strawberry Farm. If you know me, food adventures like this put a huge smile on my face. There is something so gratifying about  picking the produce I get to devour, especially fruits and vegetable that are organic and free of pesticides and chemicals.

U-Pick Strawberry Farm

We (my sister, Matti, Mom, Janice, and stepdad, Matt) all enjoyed the fruits of our labor.

Strawberry Farm   Strawberry Farm

We left with fresh picked strawberries, tomatoes (I could not believe the Heirlooms-mmmmm so delipsch and a great price), heads of romaine, onions and lots of other fruit and veg. If you are ever in the Fort Myers area, check out The Farm:

Heriloom Tomatoes   Grape Tomatoes @ Strawberry Farm

I got back into Orlando around 3, so I stopped by Fresh Field Farms to stock up on the essentials. If you ever find Orlando home, Fresh Field Farms is the place to go for all your vegetable, fruit and protein needs! It is produce paradise. Local, organic and great prices on everything…just check it out, you will thank me later:


All in all, last weekend was amazing and being able to recap on everything now reinforces how blessed I am to have such an amazing family. Even though Fort Myers is so close, yet so far away (3 hours from Orlando) it was refreshing to see new places and be around family. Cheers to surprises, family, friends and great memories!

Till next time, have a delipsch day and a great Monday! Do not forget to appreciate the small things in life 🙂

**Stayed tuned this week–I have some awesome new recipes to share, PLUS I am introducing my Advocare 24 Day Challenge with some foxy ladies who will be sharing and documenting their fitness journey throughout February.


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