People who love to eat are always the best people.

Chew on this.

food quote

Let’s be honest, this is a completely accurate statement. Cheers to loving to eat.

Thanks Julia Child.

On that note.

I love a good snack. Especially one that is good and good for you.

Enter, Garden of Life and wholesome staples from the Healthfood store.

Result, Delipschness.

These Pro Logs are a great way to prolong hunger till the next meal or when you just need a little pick me up.

Pro Log

-In a food processor, blend in 2 batches.

-Place contents in the bowl. With a glove or ziplock bag, hand mix until you get the right consistency. Use your judgment to add extra “wet” or “dry” ingredients. Using parchment paper, shape and mold the mixture into a log shape. Place in fridge and enjoy at your leisure.

You can also check out another version of our Pro Logs on the Garden of Life blog.


Now that we have snacks covered, let’s get moving…

Warm Up: 2 % incline, 4.5 mph

2 min walk

1 min R side shuffle-1 min R side grapevine

1 min L side shuffle-1 min L side grapevine

Dynamic Stretching, 5 PullUps

This workout is all about the number 25…why? no reason, just do it 🙂

Weights…challenge yourself. Use a heavier weight.

25 lb. dumbbells…you can do it.

If not, just listen to your body and adjust accordingly.

 { 25 front squats }

{ 25 bench (DB) press } 

{ 25 cable squats (100 lbs) }

{ 25 lying tricep extension with 25 pike pulses }

.25 Miles on the Elliptical – Level 12, forward

*REPEAT lift

.25 Miles on the Elliptical – Level 12, backward

*REPEAT lift

.25 Miles on the Elliptical – Level 12, forward

*REPEAT lift

.25 Miles on the Elliptical – Level 12, backward

Cool Down, static stretching and do what you need to do because you just dominated.


Always fuel the mind and body with wholesome nutrition.

What is your go-to snack? Any quilty pleasures?

As always, Cheers to you, your body, and to enjoying a delipsch day.

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