Sage. Butter. Pork. Veg. Yum.

Check out yesterday’s post { Hello Fresh & Delipsch } for Recipe 1 of my Hello Fresh delivery: Shrimp Gyoza with Edamame Succotash (already have requests to make it again).

Recipe 2: Sage-Butter Pork Chops with Roasted Butternut Squash & Charred Broccolini

Yes, it was amazing. Yes, I will be making it again. Yes, it was enough food (for the “normal” eater…remember Ian and I eat for about 4 ha!)

This recipe was simple to follow and was ready in the 35ish minute suggested time frame (start to finish). Step 1: Prep it up
*Preheat oven 400
*Cube Butternut Squash
*Mince Garlic
*Slice Broccolini (length wise)
*Mince Sage
The only ingredients not provided (Butter, Olive Oil, Salt & Pepper)
I learned from the last recipe and prepped everything ahead of time. Roast the Butternut Squash & Broccolini according to directions. Sear the pork. I suggest using a Cast Iron Pan (pat the chops dry and season with salt and pepper). Easy Peezy. Last step Sage and Garlic Butter…heaven.

Platting was kind of rushed (girl’s gotta eat) I did a Bikram Yoga session prior so I was ready to dig in along with my “starving” counterpart.
The outcome…
GREAT. Flavors were on point, yet simple. Plus it does not hurt that I am pork and veggie lover.

The moral of the story here…TRY HELLO FRESH for your own Tastebud pleasure. I got a notification from a friend yesterday I just ordered it, with the coupon you can’t not give it a try. Excited!”

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Yea Baby! Save money and get quality food!

Till next time, enjoy a delispch day and let me know if you are the next one to try Hello Fresh. Stayed tuned for an Interval Workout coming to a blog post soon. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Sage. Butter. Pork. Veg. Yum.

  1. I do a variation over pasta with charred grape tomaoes and puree one half the butternut with organic chic broth. I toss the raw sage with sauce and pasta (buccatini or percatelli) yum.

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