The Secret of Change

I can now say with confidence that I am okay with change…if you aren’t then read the following, it might change your mind too…

socrates quote

Socrates…(first a quick bio because I didn’t really know who he was) … Socrates (469-399 B.C.) was a classical Greek philosopher who is credited with laying the fundamentals of modern Western philosophy. 

Now that we know Mr. Socrates, how great are those words?!? Clearly, through past posts, this blog has given me a little outlet to express my thoughts and feelings through words. It not only has helped me just talk but I have learned even more the past few days that it truly is helping others (in our on unique and personal ways). How cool is that! Totally worth it.

Back to Socrates, his advice to focus our energy on building the new, not in fighting the old, holds more truth than I know. What is done is done (whatever that might be). The great thing about the old is that we have the ability to learn and grow from it to establish and build the new. Thanks Socrates, cheers to you.


Back on the Fitness train…choo choo!

Yesterday, everything in my workout followed 3’s (Why not?)

Warm up, stretch and Pull Ups as usual 🙂


***Hold body in low squat (feet closer together, butt out)

-10 back taps, 10 side taps, 10 front taps … STAY LOW!!!

-3 Minutes on Elliptical, level 13 -no elliptical, high knees-jumping jacks-fast feet-

***Repeat 3 times total


Full Body Frontal Raise

-Hold dumbbells above head, lower to hips and frontal raise back to top (from the core)


-300 Jump Ropes

***Repeat 3 times total


-Core Cable Crosses (10/side) – dont have a machine, use dumbbells instead –

***10 each: arm to hip L & R and hip to arm L & R…4 total moves

-Bench Taps-10/leg

***Repeat 3 times total


Cool down, Static Stretching and go walk the dog or something 😉


Some new details to Delipsch:

There’s a new section on the Sidebar “Fellow Bloggers” for access to other blog links to check out. Rebecca from Getting to the Show contacted me and we have been chatting every since. She has built up a great blog focusing on health and fitness…go check her out…just click her logo…it’s that easy!

Stay tuned for more Fellow Bloggers!

Cheers to all and have a delipsch day.

If anything, take Socrates advice and focus your time and energy on building your new.

What’s your new? Comment below, I would love to hear and learn more about your new.

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