Victoria & Albert’s

Dresscode: Fancy! A dress and heels for the lady and a suit for the man (mustache optional).

V & A's

We arrived at the Grand Floridian, valet parked (they validate your parking, so we were able to feel like rock stars for 5 minutes) and headed inside. The Grand Floridian is described as, victorian elegance meets modern sophistication, and that it was. We walked into V & A’s and were greeted by first and last name. We were led to a private table in Queen Victoria’s Room. The room is set up with 4 separate tables, providing an intimate dining experience for guests.


As we sat down (it was a fancy sit down where they pull out your chair and place the napkin on your lap); I placed my bag on the elegant stool next to me-Ian thought it was a foot rest, ha! We were then offered water from an extensive list. There was water available with and without bubbles and from all regions of the world. Ian got bubbles from Italy while I stuck with the “house” water, which somehow sounded fancy on the menu…after all, I had to save room for my wine pairing!


Victoria & Albert's
Victoria & Albert’s

First course: Amuse-Bouche

Alaskan King Crab “Jar” with Siberian Osetra Caviar

Paired with Piper Heidsieck Rose Savage NV Brut

This dish is meant to be eaten with a mother of pearl spoon to prevent any tainting of the caviar. Each bite was filled with King Crab and Caviar. This was our first experience with caviar and a pleasant one. It was a perfect blend between creamy and salty. Overall, it was a great way to start the meal with a crisp champagne pairing.


Second Course: Octopus “A La Plancha” with Black Garlic Aioli

Paired with Granbazan “Etiqueta Ambar” Albarino, Ria Baizas 2011

The most tender serving of Octopus I have ever had. This was the one dish I was a bit skeptical about and ended up being pleasantly surprised. It was served with a babaganush puree, balsamic and smoked paprika with micro greens. There was a painting of basil underneath the dish which added a perfect touch.


The first bread course was a crispy french Baguette served with a creamy Vermont butter.

Third Course: Hot “Smoked” Niman Ranch Lamb with Fuji Apple and Curry Dressing

Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt, Piesporter Goldtropfchen Riesling Kabinett, Mosel 2011

Presentation was the name of the game. Served with a smoked filled dome covering the dish, which was then lifted to smell the aroma of what was about to come. We were told to eat everything in one bite (lamb, fuji apple and shaved radish) It was beyond tender and hit every taste bud, so good!

V & A's lamb dish

Fourth Course: Fennel Crusted Nantucket Scallops in a Salt Bowl

Foxen “Old Vines” Ernesto Wickendon Vineyard Chenin Blanc, Santa Maria Valley 2011

Served in a beautiful Himalayan Sea Salt Ball open-faced. These scallops literally melted (no joke) in my mouth. It was paired beautifully with fresh fennel and a creamy fennel and leek beurre blanc. Pure delipsch!

V & A scallops

Fifth Course: Poached Chicken Egg and Sausage

Hartford Court Land’s Edge Vineyards Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast 2010

This dish was unexpectedly perfect. A homemade ravioli pillowed a poached chicken egg that maintained a liquid yolk even when cooked. The ravioli sat on top of a vegetable and bacon succotash and was then topped with an egg foam and fresh chives. A perfectly cooked chicken sausage paired nicely to round out their take on breakfast.

 V & A's 5th Course

Served before the next course was a black truffle bread served with black truffle butter and fresh shaved truffles. This was my first experience with fresh shaved truffles and I can say it was spectacular, my mouth is now watering!

 V & A's truffle butter

Sixth Course: Colorado Bison with Caraway Seed Vinaigrette

Palaios Remondo Propiedad, Rioja 2008

Tenderness was what this dish was all about. The bison was packed with flavor and was paired beautifully with flavorful micro brussel sprouts, caramelized shallots and fingerlings. The sweet and savory caraway seed vinaigrette and fresh micro greens rounded out the dish.

V & A's 6th Course

Seventh Course: Australian Kobe-Style Beef with Potato Sphere

Chateau Lassegue Bordeaux Blend, Saint-Emilion 2004

This is a dish of the Kobe Gods. Tenderloin, Short Ribs and a Potato Sphere filled with more short ribs…are you salivating yet? It was served with a parsnip wedge (if my memory serves me right) and a jus of delicate kobe beef. The tenderloin was everything you expect and more, the short ribs were phenomenal (no knife required) and the potato sphere was unlike anything I have ever had. Chef somehow created a perfectly cooked exterior with the most delicate and creamy center of potatoes and short ribs. delipsch.

V & A's 7th Course

Eight Course: Selection of Cheese from our Trolley

Quinta do Crasto Lae Bottled Vintage Porto 2007

This course took my taste buds for a ride.  We were offered (and later devoured) Aged Gouda, Sottocenere al tartufo, Burrata, Cheshire Cheddar, 24 month-aged Parmigiano Reggiano, Colston-Basset Stilton, Bijou, Aged Goat Cheese. Florida tupelo honey with comb, Spanish Marcona almonds, and spiced candied walnuts, fruit gelee and Mostarda di Cremona (which was a paper thin crisp made from candied fruit). Our favorites were the Aged Parmesan and Colston-Basset Stilton. Cheese is not really our thing, but we have considered converting after this tasting, this was perfection!

V & A's Cheese Course

“Celebes” Coffee

Coffee taken to the next level. Made with coffee beans from Indonesia using a vacuum suction technique to brew a wonderful cup of coffee. We watched the brewing process which takes about 10 minutes while being introduced to our first of two dessert courses, yes two!

V & A's coffee


Ninth Course: Apple Quark Panna Cotta

This dessert course hit sweet and sour notes from warm bruleed apple slices on a red current gelee to the panna cotta sitting on a homemade almond cookie with a green apple bubble fill with liquid goodness. Is your mouth watering yet?

 V & A's 9th Course


Tenth Course: Peruvian Chocolate Timbale with Roasted White Chocolate Gelato

Chocolate on chocolate with snowflakes of gold, do I need to say anything more? The texture of the Timbale was everything I expected and more. A perfect way to end the meal…or so I thought.

 V & A's 10th Course



Chocolate lovers rejoice. Unfortunately there wasn’t any room left in us after being wined and dined. The beautiful presentation of chocolates made it hard to resist, but they were kind enough to wrap up our selections to enjoy later.

IMG_5109 IMG_5111
V & A's

As we concluded our meal, I received a beautiful rose, personalized menus and the beautifully boxed Friandise selection. We were given a dining experience at Victoria and Albert’s we will always remember. We received this as a gift from Ian’s mom for Christmas, very lucky and spoiled if you ask me, so thank you Liz as it was everything I hoped and more. I experienced some of the most delicate and powerful flavor pairings that I will cherish forever. If you are ever in the area or just want a reason to treat yourself to a beautifully prepared dining experience, look into dining at Victoria and Albert’s as I can guarantee you will not be disappointed.


I hope you have enjoyed this post and are able to experience it for yourself someday. I would love to hear about your food experiences and favorite places around the Orlando area or wherever you are located.

Till next time, Cheers! Have a delipsch day.

6 thoughts on “Victoria & Albert’s

  1. Your Albert and Victoria’s Blog is brilliantly presented Chels. Bravo! They should be proud and appreciative to have this written by you!

  2. What a write-up! You truly are a gifted writer, lots of expression yet technical enough to not miss any details. I had no idea that the chef there would be so avant garde … I always imagined it being very traditional fare, but look at all the fancy “molecular gastronomy” techniques! Cold smoking (the smoke dome) , specification (the apple bubble), and various thickening methods (the panna cotta and more). I’ve never heard of this vacuum brewed coffee but I’m overwhelmed with curiosity. Do you know if either of the beef dishes were prepared sous-vide style?

    1. Thank you for the kind words! If I do say so myself, it looks like you know a thing or two about food! Everything we enjoyed was fascinating in both flavor and plating. To answer your question, I do not believe either beef dishes were prepared sous-vide style. I think they were just a gift sent down from heaven, haha!

  3. Also, a recommendation for you and Ian…. I’m sure its rare that you’d find yourselves on the far east side of town, but if you get a chance, go try this place called Sushi Pop over in Oviedo (don’t be alarmed, its right by UCF campus). They do some really unique sushi dishes and have some similarly fancy made desserts, including a chocolate cake rootbeer float panna cotta with pop rocks; liquid nitrogen ice cream made tableside; etc. Orlando also has quite the food truck rally contention lately … would live to see you guys it at a Tasty Tuesday in the Milk District.

    1. Thank you for the recommendation. I am definitely going to be looking into SushiPop (plus I used to work at a sushi restaurant for 4 years) so sushi and I share a close bond. I have also heard about the Tasty Tuesday and it is on our list of things to check out. If I do go, I will definitely be doing a post about it! Thank you again for the comments and recommendations, keep them coming I always love to hear about other unique and local places to eat, sleep, drink and be merry!

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